Freedom of religion or belief is a fundamental human right enshrined in several international and regional human rights instruments, such as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (art. 18), the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (art. 9), and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (art.10).

Freedom of religion or belief is also an element of EU’s human rights policy: the promotion and protection of the rights of persons belonging to ethnic and religious minorities continued to be a key concern in its relations with third countries.

EPRID endeavours to ensure that religious intolerance and discrimination are addressed in a consistent manner both in EU policy and in practice.


The members of EPRID should strive to encourage European institutions to have a deeper interest and commitment in religious intolerance and discrimination issues.

The platform aims to encourage participation of and cooperation between civil society organisations, religious bodies and individuals working on religious intolerance and discrimination, as we should be among the first stakeholders promoting the right to freedom of religion or belief.

EPRID endeavours to conduct a structured dialogue between the platform and European institutions to jointly identify ways in which to strengthen EU policy and practice in this area.

EPRID will, where appropriate, act as a liaison between EU institutions and its members and aims to further cooperation and exchange of information.


Participants of the network can be civil society organisations, religious bodies and individuals that are actively lobbying at European level on religious intolerance and discrimination both as a thematic issue and in the realm of European external relations and the European Neighbourhood Policy.

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Coordination & Communication

EPRID is a consensus-based network. Its activities are facilitated by a Board of coordinators [*]:

The platform members meet at least once a year in Brussels.


[*] The Board of coordinators consists of Penelope Faulkner (Que Me: Vietnam Committee on Human Rightsand Susan Kerr (Christian Solidarity Worldwide), Christel Lamère Ngnambi (Brussels Office of the European Evangelical Alliance).