On 13 March 2019, at their annual general meeting, members of the European Platform against Religious Intolerance and Discrimination (EPRID) elected Arie de Pater, Nura Detweiler, and Francesco Di Lillo as the new Board of Coordinators.

Arie de Pater is the Brussels Representative of the European Evangelical Alliance.

Nura Detweiler is Policy Officer at the Baha’i International Community office in Brussels.

Francesco Di Lillo is Director of the European Union Office of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The board serves for a one-year term and is in charge of the administrative management of EPRID and the implementation of decisions taken by the platform. It also ensures representation and liaison with institutional interlocutors and third parties, and keeps the platform informed of relevant opportunities and events.

  • Representatives of EPRID's member organisations attending the annual meeting.