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EPRID is delighted to be a partner to the newly-launched FoRB Learning Platform.

This is an initiative of the Nordic Ecumenical Network on International Freedom of Religion or Belief (NORFORB) and has been developed with input and advice from both secular and different faith based organisation, as well as international experts.

It provides resources to help individuals, communities and decision-makers learn, reflect upon and promote freedom of religion or belief for all. It includes resources for personal study and for educators and facilitators. Through learning, the platform seeks to contribute to building a social, political and legal culture of freedom of religion or belief for all from the grassroots up and the top down.

As of 6 March 2018 the platform has been embraced by over 40 associate partners, spanning from secular to faith-based organisations, networks of parliamentarians to media companies.

Please see NORFORB’s UN launch Press Release for more information.