Please, join us when we sit down with Nerlian (Lian) Gogali from Poso, Indonesia. Lian is a recent recipient of the Four Freedoms Award. Lian received this award for her courageous commitment to interfaith dialogue and freedom of religion or belief in the conflict-torn area around Poso, on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

With Mosintuwu – ‘togetherness’ in the local language – Lian brings women and young people of different faith groups together. Lian: “I thought; we, the people of Poso, know much better how to solve the problems ourselves.” That’s why she started a school. At Lian’s school, women from different backgrounds learn more about each other’s religions, about tolerance and about the position of women within the family and society. “Women are so incredibly important in society and in changing beliefs. They help the new generation grow up without those prejudices about other religions.”

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  • 29 April 2022, 14.00-15.00h


  • Nerlian Gogali, recipient of the Four Freedoms Award


  • Arie de Pater, European Evangelical Alliance, EPRID Board of Coordinators
  • Julia Baas, Mensen met een Missie (People with a Mission)

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