CSW is a founding member of EPRID. CSW began in 1979 and is a Christian-based human rights organisation that works on freedom of religion or belief for people of all faiths or none. The organisation is based in London, but also has offices in Washington DC and Brussels. In Brussels, CSW is a member of the EPRID and HRDN NGO platforms.

CSW actively works on priority countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. These countries include: Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, Indonesia, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Nigeria, Sudan, Eritrea, Tanzania, Egypt, Syria, the IS, Turkey and Iran. It also monitors several other countries to have a sense of regional trends.

CSW’s primary foci are research, advocacy and training, which it uses to actively combat the legislation, policies, attitudes and behaviours that reinforce religious discrimination; thereby promoting human flourishing.

In terms of CSW’s monitoring and reporting work, its advocates engage in fact-finding assignments in focus countries, engaging with partners on the ground to ensure a constant flow of information. The advocates collect information regarding the situation of religious freedom that is subsequently distributed to policy-makers in national governments, the EU, the OSCE, the UN and other NGOs on the human rights situations in each country of focus. CSW’s evidence-based reports are regularly used and cited by the international bodies working on FoRB and come with policy recommendations.

CSW actively engages in training human rights defenders. It currently has projects running in Asia, Africa and Latin America to educate and train decision-makers, journalists, lawyers and local partners.

Official Website: www.csw.org.uk