Logo-VCHR-Que-MeQuê Me (which means “homeland” in Vietnamese) was founded in Paris in 1976. Quê Me works on an international level in Europe, the USA and ASEAN to endeavour to shape policy and practices to strengthen democracy, religious freedom and human rights in Vietnam and the Asia-Pacific region. Its work entails monitoring and reporting on human rights violations, campaigning for the release of prisoners of conscience and mobilizing international support for the protection and promotion of human rights in Vietnam.

Inside Vietnam, Quê Me circulates Vietnamese-language news and information on religious freedom and human rights issues that are not available through the mainstream media. Since 2012, Quê Me has expanded activities to include human rights education and capacity building for civil society inside Vietnam, with a special focus on the UBCV’s Buddhist Youth Movement. The aim is to train young people to monitor and document violations of human rights and freedom of religion or belief, and to create an awareness and culture of human rights in Vietnam.

Quê Me; Action for Democracy in Vietnam is an umbrella organization which includes the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights (VCHR), and the International Buddhist Information Bureau (IBIB). The VCHR, which has sections in several countries of Europe, the USA, Canada and Asia, is a member of the FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights). It makes regular submissions to the United Nations Human Rights Council, the European Parliament and US Congress. The International Buddhist Information Bureau advocates religious freedom in Vietnam, and works closely with the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam (UBCV) for the re-establishment of the UBCV’s legal status and that of all other non-recognized religious organizations in Vietnam. Quê Me has been a member of EPRID since its creation in 2006.

Official Website: www.queme.net